We will not have our regular meeting in November.  There is so much going on that at times our meeting falls on the same time as other important events.

Instead of our regular monthly meeting we encourage everyone to attend a function organized by Missouri 2nd District For Change.  This event will feature a discussion with the 4 Democratic candidates that have declared their intentions to replace Republican Ann Wagner for the seat of 2nd Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representative.

It is important there be a large turnout.  We can wrest this seat from a political hack for Trump.  The majority of the second district is not mesmerized by this reality show charlatan as Ann is.  We deserve sane, constituent focused representation.  Not a self serving right wing ideologue like Ann Wagner.

We will see you at the event.


Mark Mantovani, candidate for St. Louis County Executive, will be the guest speaker at our October 12th meeting at Kirkwood Community Center.  We hope you will be able to attend and get more information about Mark and the issues facing the County.  Click on the MEETINGS AND EVENTS tab for more information.

State Senator Scott Sifton




Scott Sifton, Missouri State Senator for the 1st Senatorial District, is an important progressive force in the Missouri Senate.

On September 26 there will be a fundraiser at the house of Brooke Dubman to help ensure he can continue to fight for us.

Click on the link below for more information.

Fundraiser 09262017


The Bonhomme Township Democratic Club has decided our theme for this year is “Building a Community”.

We will alternate between regular and social meetings.

For our social meeting we will partner with a restaurant or bar to hold a fundraiser for an organization we support.  The organization will agree to contact their membership about the event.  We will contact our membership about the event.  The restaurant or bar will give a percentage of the take from the people identifying with the event to the sponsored organization.

The social allows us to expand our contact base (and membership) by providing a social event that will attract Democrats, leaning Democrats, and independents in a relaxed and friendly setting.

We will make connections with people who support the sponsored organization.  We get contacts, the organization gets financial support and contacts, and the business gets business.

Our first social event is Tuesday February 21 at PJs in Kirkwood from 4-8 p.m.  We are sponsoring the event for the Sierra Club.  The organization for the next event in April will be different.  Below is a leaflet with information on the event but if you are on our contact list we will send it to you electronically.

The regular meetings are still very important.  The regular meeting provides the structure to perform club business as well as provide speakers for more in-depth information on issues.

We need to get more people involved in the club and other activities to build an effective community.  We want the club to be an asset to the individuals that are running for office for our party as well as a tool to identify candidates for those offices.

We are at a critical time in our history.  I know that is said often, but this time it is very real.  We need to build a strong community and you are a valuable part of it.


So please join or renew your membership, come to the events and meetings and be involved.

Or next event is the fundraiser for the Sierra Club at PJs Feb. 21 form 4 to 8 p.m.

Our next regular meeting will be at this facility on March 10 at 7 p.m.

We can win when we work together.  Let’s get busy!


Summer is a time to socialize.  We have decided instead of having one of our amazingly interesting meetings we will have an amazingly interesting social event instead.

P.J’s Tavern in Kirkwood (123 W Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122) has been generous enough to allow us to have a fundraiser for the Sierra Club.

We thought it would be nice to meet there instead of having our normal meeting and just socialize and get to know one another better. There will be good people, good food, and good conversation.

We will start at 7 p.m., our normal time, and stay till 8:30 or later if we want.  

It will be on our regularly scheduled meeting night, the second Thursday of the month. That makes it August 10th.  We hope all of you can make it!


Thanks to all who came to the fundraiser we sponsored for the Sierra Club at PJ’s Tavern in Kirkwood on Tuesday February 21.  It was a great success!  There were so many that came we not only filled the room we had reserved but had to move out into the restaurant itself.

John Hickey, Executive Director, Sierra Club Missouri Chapter spoke of the priorities and initiatives the Sierra Club is taking to protect our environment.  PJ’s Tavern agreed to donate a portion of the evenings take to the Sierra Club. 

We had a fabulous time!

We are planning another fundraiser for another organization in April.  Details to come.

Here are a few photos from the event.


Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

In an election where the Republicans had major victories in our state Democrat Deb Lavender handily defeated her opponent to once again be the State Representative for the district 90.  She garnered 55.6% of the votes. The residents of the district 90 made it clear they appreciate the hard work and clear headed thinking she is known for.  We are proud to have a legislator like Deb representing our area.

Deb’s values are our values.  She stands for:

Business Owner Committed to Your Values

Deb is a local businesswoman and owner of Des Peres Physical Therapy. While treating her patients, she has encountered many problems with our current healthcare insurance system. She knows that patients are coping with ever increasing out-of-pocket co-pays and unpredictable denial of services. To make the task of paperwork less tedious, Deb serves seniors by directly assisting them with their burdensome Medicare forms. Deb continues to study best practices for correcting our broken healthcare system.

Rewarding Job Creation

Deb is a PRO-GROWTH business owner. She wants to preserve jobs in Missouri and create incentives that bring more employees and employers to our state. Deb will work for tax credits for businesses that create jobs here in Missouri but end tax credits for businesses that ship our jobs out of state or overseas.

There is room for more innovation in job creation here in Missouri. Deb wants to help Missouri build “green collar” jobs that can not be outsourced to other countries. Deb is eager to support further study on the use of algae for bio-fuels and will support an effort to make all new state government buildings LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) certified.

Deb supports the creation of high-tech opportunities that will bring St. Louis County life science jobs and make us a global leader in medical research. She supports stem cell research in Missouri which can lead to life-saving cures and treatments for spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and macular degeneration. Progress made here in Missouri will mean progress made for the country and the world. Deb’s quest is the winning combination of high-tech jobs, life-saving cures, and global impact!

Reducing the Size of Government

Missouri has 163 state representatives–more than 46 other states in the nation. Deb will introduce legislation to decrease the size of the State House by 25%. This will save Missourians millions of dollars in salaries, overhead and pensions!

Fiscal Responsibility

For more than a decade, Deb has been a small business owner. She knows firsthand the issues business owners face in today’s economic environment: business taxes, ever-increasing health care costs, and the inequity of taxation and loopholes for large corporations. She has created jobs and employs people from our district.

She knows that our government needs to manage its budget carefully just as families do with their household budget. Deb supports requiring an annual Budget Accountability Report Card so we know how our tax dollars are spent.

Deb joined the Kirkwood Area Chamber of Commerce in 2004 to participate with active business advocates who are committed to our community. As a State Representative, Deb will work to improve small business policies in Missouri.

Ensuring Affordable Health Care

Health care is the major source of employment and a driving factor of our local economy. Deb provides care, employs workers, purchases medical equipment, keeps medical records and understands the dynamics of the health care industry. She knows that patients are coping with increasing out-of-pocket co-pays and unpredictable denial of services. Deb continues to study best practices for correcting our healthcare system.

Deb believes that she and other small business owners should have access to an insurance exchange to purchase health insurance for their employees at a group rate. She believes that Missouri should have a process to review and curb excessive health insurance premium increases. Deb will work for these insurance reforms.

Preserving the Environment

For over 30 years, Deb has done her part locally to recycle, reuse, and save our natural resources. Now she wants to help Missouri build “green collar” jobs that can not be outsourced to other countries.

Deb is committed to innovative approaches such as Property Assesses Clean Energy (PACE), which helps lower utility bills for families and decreases their carbon footprint. Deb is eager to support further study on the use of algae for bio-fuels and will support an effort to make all new state government buildings LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified.

Protecting Seniors

Deb has made a commitment to protect our seniors from being taxed out of their homes. She will help extend Missouri’s Senior Prescription Program, and seek tougher penalties on nursing homes that provide sub-standard care or neglect their patients.

Verifying Citizenship of Immigrant Workers

Deb knows that we need to preserve our work force and our support business owners with fair laws. She supports the E-verify system that requires businesses with state contracts to ensure that their workers are American citizens.

Expanding Early Childhood Learning

Our legislature has chipped away at early learning programs essential to putting our children on the path to success. The number of prisons a state needs is predicted by the number of fifth graders who can not read. The more a child knows when they enter kindergarten, the more likely they will read by the time they are in fifth grade. Expanding early childhood is critical for our state.

Raising Ethical Standards for Campaigns and Elected Officials

Deb will fight for tougher ethical standards for elected officials. She knows that taking unlimited gifts from lobbyists and having unlimited campaign contributions is wrong. Deb is passionate that being a legislator demands public trust, and that requires being held to a higher ethical standard.

Protecting and Preserving Veterans’ Benefits

Deb honors the men and woman who fight to protect our freedom. She welcomes retired military to the state of Missouri where they are automatically eligible for state benefits. Deb will be passionately vocal in urging full health care insurance coverage for our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, especially those suffering from head injuries and post traumatic stress disorder.

Women’s Rights

In the face of recent legislative bills and national rhetoric regarding women’s rights, Deb will be a voice of reason standing firm to protect the gains women have made over the last century. 

Deb believes women have the right to make health care decisions with their God, their family and their physician.

Voter Rights

Deb believes all eligible voters should be encouraged to participate in our democracy. She will rely on facts and not succumb to misleading rhetoric that is creating the myth of widespread voter fraud.

There are no cases of voter impersonation fraud in Missouri.

The Missouri Court ruled in 2006 that it is unconstitutional to require a photo ID to vote. A recent Missouri Court ruling said the language on the proposed amendment to alter Missouri’s Constitution used language that would deceive voters.

Deb will oppose any legislation to restrict voting rights. She will work to assure that voter registration is efficient and that our voter rolls are accurate.


 Fellow Democrats,
 On Tuesday night May 9th Missouri 2nd District for Change
 is having a town hall meeting to discuss issues in the 2nd
 District.  Ann Wagner, the elected member of the House of
 Representatives for the 2nd District, has been invited to attend.  
 For more information see the attached
     Wheres Ann
 This is a very important event!  We need a huge
 turnout to show our strength and resolve.  I hope to see
 you there. 
 The town hall will be:
 Tuesday, May 9th
6 – 7:30 pm 
      The Lodge at Des Peres 
  1050 Des Peres, MO  63131
Dennis Roach
President, Bonhomme Township Democratic Club


StrongBlue will be our guest at our May 11th meeting at the Kirkwood Community Center at 7 p. m.  StrongBlue is an organization that is dedicated to electing more Democrats in Missouri.  This includes city and county offices, the Missouri House and Senate, statewide offices and the Governorship.

For more information see their website at


Concord Township is having a  “SPRING INTO ACTION ” event on April 22.  For more information click on this link:


On Wednesday, April 5, 7pm, Thomas Frank will be at Christ Church Cathedral (1210 Locust St.) to discuss his new book, Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? Thomas Frank previously wrote What’s the Matter with Kansas?, a runaway New York Times bestseller that first shined a light on why so many Americans decide to vote against their own economic and political interests. In Listen, Liberal, Frank turns a his eye on the standard bearers of liberal politics and helps explain the shocking outcome of the 2016 election, and what needs to change in the Democratic Party—namely, working to advance the traditional liberal goals of expanding opportunity, fighting for social justice, and ensuring that workers get a fair deal.

You can find out more about the event at, and on Facebook at We would also be happy to provide you with a flyer for the events to distribute to members of your organization—just let me know where the best place to send it would be. Thanks for your time, and I hope you’ll join us April 5 and help get the word out!

Click on the image below for the flyer:



President Trump is moving forward with his pledge to remove the progress that was made by the Obama administration to confront the effects of human’s contribution to global warming.  On April 19th the student body at Meramec Community College is sponsoring an event that recognizes this and will provide a forum for learning what we can do about it.  

The Earthday event will be held in the MCC library quadrangle and ia open to the public.  The event will be from 10:00 a.m. til 2: 30 p.m.

We hope to see you there!


There has been a growing amount of disinformation being disseminated from the current administration that would have you believe any criticism is “fake news”.  They argue there are “Alt Facts” that the press refuses to report that will prove the delusional rantings of the Trump administration.

The combined Maryland Heights and Creve Coeur Democratic Clubs are planning a program with a panel discussion on this attack on the free press. 

They have commitments from the St. Louis Jewish Light, Charlie Jaco, and the St. Louis American to be part of a panel discussion on this topic. 

The event will be at:

Creve Coeur Government Center 

300 N New Ballas Rd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Thursday April 13

7:30 p. m. to 9:00 p.m.

We are working with the clubs to make this a successful event .  It is an extremely important topic.  We hope for a good turnout from our members. The more the clubs work together, the stronger we all are.


Fellow Democrats:

Say what you will about the NRA, but their endorsement of Chris Koster is an opening we should use to help bring the Democratic side of issues to rural and working class areas of the state.  Since those are the demographics we also target, can we help you in that effort?

First, though:  if you’re not into guns, don’t be put off by our name – you’ll probably still agree with 95% of what we write.

So…the next time you hear one of your gun-owning constituents say they won’t vote Democratic, send them to us.  We’ll give them the facts, not the myths they hear from right-wing media outlets; we’ll describe how poorly the GOP governs and we’ll explain why supporting the Dems is best for Missouri, for the nation, and for themselves.  (See the links below to some of our articles that help make the Democratic case.)

We’ve found that, once they hear the facts, a surprisingly large number of hunters and outdoors-men don’t support trickle-down economics, or the dismantling of Social Security, or the elimination of minimum wage laws, or the threats to democracy posed by Citizens United and partisan redistricting.  Heck, many even support expanded background checks.  They just need to hear the Democratic side of those issues framed by someone they can relate to.

Given Chris’ support from the NRA, his candidacy is an opportunity to start bringing these voters back into the Democratic fold and we can be part of your follow-up efforts to help build on that foundation and to start flipping voters the GOP is taking for granted.  Every vote counts, this year and in the future.

Good luck this fall and let us know if there are any other ways we can help,

Alex Fortner  –


Our first social event is February 21 at PJs in Kirkwood from 4-8 p.m.  We are sponsoring the event for the Sierra Club.  PJs has agreed to give a portion of the profits from those identified with our event to the Sierra Club.  At the end of this article is a leaflet on the event.

This is a chance to be with good people, eat good food, have good times, and support an important organization.  SEE YOU THERE!

Sierra Club Fundraiser at PJs


There will be no meeting of the Bonhomme Township Democratic Club in December.  Instead we are having a holiday party jointly with the Jefferson Township Democratic Club!

The party will be Sunday evening, December 18, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Aberdeen Heights 555 Couch Ave Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Bonhomme residents please RSVP to Jeanette Langton 314-698-2630 or Jefferson Township RSVP to Charles Nester 314-962-7959.  If you meant to RSVP but forgot, come anyway.  We would love to meet you.

Bring a Potluck Dish.  Free will donations to defray expenses will be accepted.

We know a lot of people want to talk about what has happened and where we go from here. Come and talk, drink, eat, and help us grow a larger and more powerful Democratic community.

Our next scheduled meeting is on January 12 at the Kirkwood Community Center at 7:00 p.m.


Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

Deb Lavender is the Democratic Party nominee for the 90th District house seat.  She has been the State Representative from the 90th district for the past 2 years.

Deb is a health care professional and local businesswoman who has been part of our community for 32 years.

A longtime resident, Deb treasures the trees, the unique communities and the thriving businesses in our area. As a physical therapist and sole owner of Des Peres Physical Therapy (on Manchester near Geyer), Deb has built her professional reputation on results. She is recognized as a leader in her field and receives referrals from all around the region.

Born and raised in New England, Deb left home to put herself through college at Marquette University in Milwaukee where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Soon after graduation, Deb moved to St. Louis and has resided here for over 30 years.

Deb first sparked her interest in politics as a teenager when she participated in Girls State, a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. There she learned the importance and value of Democratic government. She put her enthusiasm to work in the following years by becoming involved in many local and state issues. Deb has worked the halls of the state capitol in Jefferson City to support issues important to her and the people in this district. In 2006, she served as an intern for State Representative Barbara Fraser.

In 2003, Deb had the great opportunity of having her eight-year-old nephew move in with her. Griffin is now 18, a senior at Kirkwood High School, and is living with his Dad in Kirkwood.

The Sierra Club has set up another canvass date for Deb Lavender. They are organizing a door-to-door canvass for her on October 15th from 10:00-1:00 PM. They will meet at Deb’s campaign headquarters (Des Peres Physical Therapy), which is located at 11247 Manchester Road in Kirkwood.

The most important roles we can play in this election is to vote and to get out the vote. 

If you have a few hours time for this important cause please contact: Rajiv Ravulapati <>


MemberPhoto (1)

Bill Otto, a two–term State Representative (D-70th District), three-term Bridgeton councilman, Navy veteran, and retired air traffic controller, is the Democratic nominee for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District.

Governor Jay Nixon, Senator Claire McCaskill, and Secretary of State Jason Kander carried this swing district in 2012. This district includes portions of St. Louis and St. Charles counties, and is currently represented by Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R).

As a state representative from this area, every day Bill Otto fights for the clean-up of the burning nuclear waste in the Bridgeton landfill, an out of control situation that has greatly impacted the citizens of the 2nd District.

Otto believes that American is full of promise for those who reach for it. When he was 15-years old, his mother died and the state placed Bill in a boys’ home. On his 17th birthday he aged out of the state care system and found himself on the street – no family, no place to go, a homeless teen.

“It was a tough start, but with the encouragement and support from some amazing teachers and mentors, I attended college,” said Otto. “Later I joined the Navy where I served for seven years and learned a profession that would last a lifetime.”

As a state legislator, Otto fights every day for issues that matter to the hard working men and women he represents: defending the rights of citizens who live around the burning radioactive landfill, ensuring workers’ rights, making sure veterans get the respect and benefits they deserve, and protecting the American Dream for families, a dream that is being severely eroded.

“Congresswoman Wagner has simply dropped the ball in representing us,” Otto continued. “We need a representative who understands our needs and puts us ahead of their personal political ambitions, a person who is more concerned about the people of our District than their political party, a person who can truly work across the aisle, make the hard decisions, and then is willing to come home to explain their actions.

“The working men and women of this District deserve better representation in Washington, and I will work day and night to give them just that,” Otto emphasized.

Bill can use our support to help him win this for us!  Please visit his website at



On October 10th congressional candidate Bill Otto met with a group U.S. State Department guests visiting from Germany in town to see the presidential debate the previous night. Bill Otto, a Missouri native, U.S. Navy veteran, husband, father, grandfather and two term Missouri state representative spent about 2 hours with this group earlier today and called the international meeting “a huge success.”

“It was truly remarkable. I believe as Americans any opportunity we have to discuss our democratic process is important. I was incredibly impressed by the preparation of these guests from Germany and their attention during the debate and very enlightened questions afterwards,” Otto said. “I was certainly very happy to talk about the value of knocking on doors in Missouri so we can talk directly to hard-working families and small business owners – a practice not done in Germany. I am always grateful for my ongoing education about the cultures and electoral practices of our allies, and we had a very intense conversation about Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s long-time endorsement of Donald Trump. They seemed very surprised by that.”

Bill Otto is a Missouri native and a Navy veteran who believes it has been way too long since Congress did what the American people actually want or need. He is a proud husband, father, and grandfather of five. His wife, Kathy, and he live in Maryland Heights and have been married 21 years, raising six kids – three sons and three daughters. He is also a two term State Representative representing parts of St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Prior to being a legislator,  Bill was honored to have served three terms on the Bridgeton City Council. He is incredibly proud to be called a champion for Missouri’s blue-collar values and when not working in the district or spending time with his family he can most often be found watching a Cardinals game, listening to his vinyl collection, or strumming his guitar.


Here is a link that lists the issues that will be on the November 8.



Here is the polling numbers as of October 30.


The St Louis County Election Board Absentee Voting will start will be using a satellite location for in person Absentee Voting for the November General Election.

The location is 3232 S Laclede Station Rd, in the Deer Creek Shopping Center next to the state license office.  Marshall’s is the anchor for the center.

Monday, September 27 and run through Friday, November 4

        Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

       Saturdays October 15, 22, 29 and November 5

       Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

All Absentee voting will be done by paper ballots.
No electronic voting will take place with absentee voting.

As always applications for absentee ballots to be mailed to a voter are available on line and by calling the election board.  

If you need a ride to the polling place on Saturday morning, please contact:

Jean Loemker cell:  314-484-9580


Our friend Tom Flanagan sent out a document from the Advancement Project that stresses 10 things every voter should know.  Click here for the attachment:



Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

Deb Lavender is the Democratic Party nominee for the 90th District house seat.  She has been the State Representative from the 90th district for the past 2 years.

Deb is a health care professional and local businesswoman who has been part of our community for 32 years.

A longtime resident, Deb treasures the trees, the unique communities and the thriving businesses in our area. As a physical therapist and sole owner of Des Peres Physical Therapy (on Manchester near Geyer), Deb has built her professional reputation on results. She is recognized as a leader in her field and receives referrals from all around the region.

Born and raised in New England, Deb left home to put herself through college at Marquette University in Milwaukee where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Soon after graduation, Deb moved to St. Louis and has resided here for over 30 years.

Deb first sparked her interest in politics as a teenager when she participated in Girls State, a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. There she learned the importance and value of Democratic government. She put her enthusiasm to work in the following years by becoming involved in many local and state issues. Deb has worked the halls of the state capitol in Jefferson City to support issues important to her and the people in this district. In 2006, she served as an intern for State Representative Barbara Fraser.

In 2003, Deb had the great opportunity of having her eight-year-old nephew move in with her. Griffin is now 18, a senior at Kirkwood High School, and is living with his Dad in Kirkwood.

The Sierra Club has set up another canvass date for Deb Lavender. They are organizing a door-to-door canvass for her on October 15th from 10:00-1:00 PM. They will meet at Deb’s campaign headquarters (Des Peres Physical Therapy), which is located at 11247 Manchester Road in Kirkwood.

The most important roles we can play in this election is to vote and to get out the vote. 

If you have a few hours time for this important cause please contact: Rajiv Ravulapati <>


We are expecting several of the Democratic Candidates for the November election to stop by and talk with us at our October meeting.  We will also have a presentation from a group of West County citizens that are active in challenging the systemic and institutional racism that confronts our non white citizens.  Please join us.

The BTDC monthly meeting will be held on Thursday October 13, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E Jefferson Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122. 



Camille (Cam) Patton spoke at our meeting on February 11, 2016 about her experiences and  activities as a student at the University of Missouri – Columbia during this tumultuous year. 

Cam is a Junior from Chicago and an active sorority member. Being among so many educated and intelligent friends she was very surprised by her sorority sister’s lack of awareness of the issues of race that existed on the campus. Motivated by conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement Cam began speaking out in an effort to educate fellow students.

She has devoted a considerable amount of her time this academic year advocating for greater understanding of issues facing students at Mizzou and racial justice elsewhere.  Her presentation gave us an insight into the events that led up to the resignations of the President and a Chancellor at Mizzou.  She also discussed the work she and others are doing to continue educating others about issues of inequality that are effecting minority students:  black, american indian, asian, latino, gay, bisexual, and transgender.


The club had a really successful booth and parade entry at this year’s Greentree Festival in Kirkwood Park.   The theme that the Greentree Organizing Committee chose for this year’s parade was “Circus”.  So we had an entry entitiled Democrats – The Greatest Show On Earth!  There are pictures of the parade entry and booth in this slideshow.  

Both our entry in the parade and the booth reminded people of why Democrats are the greatest political party for them. We listed accomplishments of our party such as Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Womens Rights and several other issues that exist because of the Democrats and despite Republican opposition.

We were honored to have 90th District State Representative Deb Lavender as well as 70th District Representative and candidate for the U.S. Congress 2nd District Bill Otto marching with us.  Their support for us and our support for them is vital in preventing our state and country slipping even further into the chaos that is the Republican Party.  
And now for some numbers.  We had an unofficial poll to see what issue people thought was the most important to them.  The results were:
Income Inequality: 73
Protect Planned Parenthood: 67
Preventing Gun Violence: 64
Medicaid Expansion/Access to Healthcare: 59

Police Community Relations: 24

And there were 22 additional issues supported by 31 other people such as Transgender Student Rights, Racial Justice, and Immigration Reform.  That is 340 votes!  We encouraged people to vote for only one topic (several could not decide so picked 2 or 3) but from the numbers you can see our poll attracted great interest.

Amazingly one person, Garry Grey, won both the 50/50 raffle and the gift basket raffles!  Garry was kind enough to donate his portion of the raffle to the club, but did take the beautiful basket member Beth Maskow had donated to be raffled. This article will be updated.  I am still receiving photos that were taken and comments from attendees.
Thank you to all who made this possible especially Kayla Vaughan, Jean Loemker, and Vice President Judy Nedwek. We are looking forward to next year.

We will be meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Kirkwood Community Center for the remaining months of this year. 


Meetings are the places where plans are made, information is exchanged, and work-in-progress is reviewed.  They serve the purpose of allowing a group of like-minded individuals to act as one force to achieve their vision.  They are an important part of any political activity.

But what is the importance of an event?

In a word, inspiration.

At an event you are exposed to new people and ideas that can inspire you to approach the work you are doing in a different or more collaborative manner.  The presentations may force you to think beyond the issue you are currently working on and see the larger picture.

Such an event just occurred in the St. Louis region.  It was the Gateway Democrats-We Are All in This Together event held on April 19. This was the first event sponsored by the newly formed Gateway Democrats.  It brought together political activist from 5 counties in the Metro St. Louis area.  The participants heard presentations from experts in their field on a range of topics that define the political reality of present day Missouri.

The keynote speaker was Congressman Lacy Clay.  He gave a great synopsis of where we stand nationally, as a state, and the importance of participating in all elections, especially at a local level.

The other featured speakers were:

Kristen Self, Missouri Democratic Party – Proud to be a Democrat!

Todd Swanstrom, Political Science Professor – Building an Opportunity Society

David Robertson, Political Science Professor– Jobs and the Economic Future of Missouri

Dr. Mark Krasnoff, Physicians for a National Health Program – Overcoming Objections to Medicaid Expansion

The topics differed but are all important in understanding more completely the social/political environment in which we live.  About 150 people attended with 22 organizations represented.  The format was very conducive to both hearing from the experts and mingling with the participants.  The speakers would give a 15 minute presentation and then there would be a 15 minute break for people to visit the attending organizations tables or talk with others.

There was very positive feedback from the attendees after the event.  The Gateway Democrats plan to have these type of events every quarter.   We are looking forward to the next one at the end of August.


Due to changes in priorities 3 of the 5 confirmed speakers for the September 25th Gateway Democrats GET OUT THE VOTE event have had to withdraw from participation to help ensure their victory.  At this time each of them need to convince the undecideds they are the best person for their office.


We apologize for the inconvenience but do encourage the candidates to do what they feel they must to win.  Our role now is to help them turn this state more BLUE.

Happy Birthday Di!

Di Adams(L) with Bonhomme Township Committeewoman Jean Loemker

Di Adams(L) with Bonhomme Township Committeewoman Jean Loemker

Dianne (Di) Adams has just turned 75.  Di has been a member of this club for 50 years!  In the words of Bonhomme Township Democratic Committeewoman Jean Loemker “Di is one of the strongest and most loyal Democrats I have ever known.”  And those that know her agree.

Happy birthday Di.  We hope you can continue to inspire us for many years to come.


This PDF contains the Sample Ballot for the Democratic Ticket for the August 2 primary election.

2016 Democratic Primary Candidates001



The 69th District State Representative Tommie
Pierson visited our October club meeting to discuss his bid to be Missouri’s next Lieutenant Governor.  He laid out a great explanation of his strategy and was well received by the members of the club.  If elected he would be the first African-American elected to a state office in Missouri.  You can read about him and the other candidates we are following by clicking on the CANDIDATES AND LINKS tab above the banner. 


Becky Morgan, a leader with the Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action, was our featured speaker at the Bonhomme Township Democratic Club meeting on Thursday May 12 at 7 p.m. at the Kirkwood Public Library.

We had a good turnout of about 20 with about half of those being members of the Concord Township Democratic Club.  It was great the two clubs could be present to hear this important presentation.

Becky’s presentation and responses during the Q&A was so good we are thinking of having her do it again.  With the amount of no sense gun legislation being passed by our Republican legislators it is important we get the word out about the necessity for the common sense gun laws presented by Moms Demand Action.   

Since their inception after the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, Moms Demand Action has mobilized mothers across the country to become the largest grassroots movement working to reduce gun violence. Moms Demand Action is a program of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization in the country, with more than 2.5 million grassroots supporters.

Here is a link to their website.  Join, it’s free!  There are even members of the NRA that belong to the group.  Common sense gun laws are not a Democratic or Republican issue, they are a human issue.  Supporting this group will help move us toward a safer Missouri.

Moms Demand Action is sponsoring an event on June 2 to publicize National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  The Wear Orange Event details are:

Thursday, June 2

“We will gather across from the Art Museum, by the statue of King Louis at the top of Art Hill from 6:00-7:30 pm. We will have speakers, a photo “selfie-station” and more! Please bring a picnic dinner along, if you like, to enjoy on Art Hill. ”

The country will be going ORANGE on June 2nd, you don’t want to miss this event!

***If it rains, we will gather at Pavilion 7 in Forest Park instead***

RSVP link:

To change your Facebook profile picture orange for June 2 or to purchase a special orange shirt, please visit:



Due to a series of conflicts with members family’s vacations, graduations, weddings, and more we have decided to postpone our picnic till a later date.

We will keep you updated.


We had a very successful Cinco de Mayo event at Dulany’s on May 2, 2015.  Unofficial headcount was about 36 people.  This included State Representative and candidate for U.S. Congress Bill Otto and his wife Kathy, St. Louis County Democratic Committee Chair Matt Robinson, and Committeewoman Sally Hodges.  Karlos Ramirez, the Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro St. Louis, also attended and gave us a great review of the dramatic growth and influence of the Hispanic Community in our area.

 We ate, we drank, we danced , and we mingled all to the beat of some great Latin music.  Many of the attendees told us we should definitely do it again next year. 

 I want to personally thank the committee chair, Arturo Corral, for the great job and huge amount of work he put into this.  Also thanks go out to Bart Napoli and Henry Dennis who also did a lot of work and did a fantastic job with the decorations.

 Thanks to all who attended.  And to those of you that were not able to be there be sure not to miss next year’s party!

 Here are just a few of the pictures :


We had an absolutely great time at our picnic at Watson Trails Park on Saturday August 15.  There was food, drinks, conversation, and yes, politics.  

Our guests included Bill Otto, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the Missouri 2nd district, Deb Lavender, Missouri State House Representative from the 90th district,  Al Gerber, candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives from the 89th district, and Maggie Duwe, non-partisan candidate for Kirkwood City Council.

The attendance exceeded our expectations.  Much credit and thanks goes to the picnic committee: Chair Judy Nedwek, Sharon Ryan, and Arturo Corral.  

Here are some of the pictures I’ve received:

We are building not only a Democratic club, but a community. Join us and be a part of it!


The Bonhomme Township Democratic Caucus meeting will be held on  Thursday, April 7th at the Kirkwood Community Center, 2nd floor meeting room located at 111 S. Geyer Road, Kirkwood, 63122.

All registered Democrats are encouraged to participate in the Township caucus to select delegates to the Congressional caucus, followed by the State Convention in Columbia, MO  and then on to the National convention in Philadelphia.

Strict caucus rules will be followed so arrive early as the doors are closed by  7:30 PM to begin the meeting.  The doors to the room will be locked at that time. Best to be early (7PM) in order to start the meeting at a reasonable time.

For more details, please follow the link below.  You also MUST COMPLETE form MM which is available on-line by following the link pasted below.

MO Democratic Delegate Selection Process

84 delegates (across the state of Missouri) will be chosen through this process:

If you have questions please call or e-mail message:

Jean Loemker, Committeewoman, Bonhomme Township Democrats

(314) 484-9580


Our April meeting will feature Sierra Club staff person Gretchen Waddell Barwick. The topics she will discuss include the EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP) & reducing carbon pollution, the Kirkwood Municipal Utility moving away from coal to wind, solar, and Energy Efficiency, and Energy Efficiency as a key compliance strategy for the CPP – and the need to update the St. Louis County Buildings Code.

The meeting will be Thursday April 14 at 7:00 p.m.  Like all the meetings of the club this year it will be at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E. Jefferson, Kirkwood MO. 63122.


The Gateway Democrats are having a forum on April 17, 2016. The topic of this third forum is “The Missouri Democratic Agenda”.  The Missouri State Party has developed a platform for the 2016 Legislative session that our Democratic Legislators are pursuing. 

The forum will feature Nicole Galloway, the Missouri State Auditor, who will give a presentation on the issues that are highlighted in the platform. A few of our elected representatives will give a more in-depth presentation on three of the issues.  They are:

  • Jill Schupp, State Senator District 24, on Minimum Wage.
  • Deb Lavender, State Representative for the 90th District on Medicaid Expansion.
  • Stephen Webber, State Representative for the 46th District on Equal Work for Equal Pay.

The Gateway Democrats are a subcommittee of the St. Louis County Democratic Central Committee in cooperation with St. Charles County, Franklin County, Jefferson County, and St. Louis City Democratic Central Committees. It has had two previous forums that have been very successful.  We are looking forward to another!

The details are:

  • When: Sunday April 17
  • Time: 1:00 to 3:30
  • Where: IBEW Hall 5850 Elizabeth Ave. St. Louis MO (at HWY44 and Hampton Ave.)

For more information feel free to contact Dennis Roach (314 368-4690) or Al Gerber (314) 623-5713.


The gateway Democrats had a successful forum entitled “Income
Inequality: The Endangered Middle Class” on November 14 at the
United Food and Commercial Workers Hall.
The keynote speaker was Nancy Cross, Vice President of the Service Employees International Union Local 1 Missouri.  She was followed by Dr. Terry Jones, Professor of Political Science UMSL, Sylvester Brown, founder of “The Sweet Potato Project”, and Richard Von Glan, Organizing Director for Jobs With Justice.
As noted by their professions their areas of expertise are labor, academia, social entrepreneurial-ism, and social activism.  From these 4 perspectives the attendees got a broad view of the issues and forces that are driving the growing inequality in our country.
They made it clear income inequality is a reality but not an inevitability.  There are institutions and forces used by a small percentage of the wealthiest in the country and the politicians they buy at the expense of everyone else.  
This is not some half baked conspiracy theory.  The facts support it.  It is quite profitable for the top 5%.  Their actual value is rising while ours is stagnent or falling.
Just as there is systemic and institutional racism there is systemic and institutional income inequality.  We must dismantle these systems and institutions to allow all people to earn a descent income for the work they do.  No working person should be in poverty.
The best ways to effect a positive change is  to elect representatives who understand and oppose the disparities and to ORGANIZE! Whether that is organizing a union, joining a progressive social organization, or using community resources to create business opportunities in disadvantaged areas we need to organize.  
I would encourage you to check out the following links to learn more about SEIU, The Sweet Potato Project, and Jobs with Justice.  
Also, research Dr. Terry Jones, the author of books such as Fragmented By Design: Why St. Louis Has So Many Governments and Politics and Policies in Urban America.


Are you interested in learning more about the facts, incidents and present state of race relations and tensions at Mizzou?  If so, please attend a meeting of the Bonhomme Township Democratic Club on Thursday February 11, 2016.  Mizzou student Cam Patton will speak.  

Cam is a junior from Chicago and she is an active sorority member. She is African American and was very surprised by her sorority sister’s lack of awareness.  Motivated by conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement, Cam is speaking out in an effort to educate people.

She has devoted a considerable amount of her time this academic year advocating for greater understanding of issues facing students at Mizzou and racial justice.  

Come hear from a student who can tell us what is going on at Mizzou.

The meeting will be:

Thursday February 11

7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Kirkwood Public Library

140 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122


On the heels of their first successful event the Gateway Democrats will be hosting a second event.  The topic of this event will be “Income Inequality”. The event will be on Saturday November 14 from 1-3:30 p.m. at the United Commercial and Food Workers Hall, 300 Weidman Rd.

For more information click on the GATEWAY DEMOCRATS tab above the banner.


10696172_490566161045977_5846659589139773956_nThings are looking up in the 89th District.  First the Republican Representative, John Deihl, was forced to resign due to a scandal involving a female intern.  Then we were lucky enough to have Al Gerber get into the race to fill the vacated seat.

Al is an excellent candidate and will make a great State Representative.  He works tirelessly for progressive causes and will take that energy and knowledge to the State House once he is elected.

But he needs your help.  The election will be held on November 3 of this year.  It is a special election with little else on the ballot.  The winner will be the candidate that turns out the most voters.  With your help he can do that.

He needs canvassers, callers, donations, contacts, and whatever else you can provide to make this happen.  If you are willing please contact Al at or Jean Loemker at 314-484-9580 or

You can get more information on Al at his website:!


You know the basics –  our health care system remains on an unsustainable course, needlessly expensive and delivering mediocre results. A single payer national health insurance program built on Medicare would efficiently deliver the best care in the world. You also know that until we get to single payer, Medicaid is the only safety net for low income people.

At our November meeting you can learn how to become more persuasive in advocating for both of these vital steps forward. We have a speaker who will prepare you with brief cogent arguments and consistent talking points addressing the most common concerns and objections of those who may not yet agree with you.  Ed Weisbart MD chairs the Missouri chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, part of the 26 year-old 19,000 member non-profit organization that advocates for improving Medicare and providing it to all Americans.

He volunteers as a physician in a variety of safety net clinics and other non-Profits across the St. Louis area, and as a volunteer physician recruiter for free clinics across the nation. In 2014, he was awarded PNHP’s Dr. Quentin Young Health Activist Award.

He received his medical degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago in 1979, completed his family medicine residency and a fellowship in family medicine education at Michigan State University in 1982, and practiced family medicine at Rush Medical Center in Chicago for twenty years. He moved to St. Louis in 2003 to become chief medical officer at Express Scripts and retired from that position in 2010. He now devotes most of his time to advocating for social justice in healthcare, and playing the ukulele.

He is an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. He has had several articles published in national medical journals regarding the healthcare needs of the uninsured. The St. Louis Post Dispatch and other local media have printed several of his Op Eds about single payer healthcare and Medicaid expansion. He was recognized by the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy with their Grassroots Advocacy Award. He is on the board of directors of Missouri Health Care for All and vice president of Consumers Council of Missouri.

We will meet on November 12 at the Kirkwoood Community Center for 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p. m.  We hope you can make it and be a part of the healthcare crisis solution.



Al Gerber is running for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 89th district to replace the disgraced former Republican Speaker of the House John Diehl.  Al is currently the Democratic Committeeman for Missouri River Township and has many years of experience fighting for the people of his area.  He is a progressive force in a conservative area.  It will be a special election with low turnout expected.  So even though this is a historically Republican area the winner will be determined by who can organize the highest turnout.  And Al can organize! 

There are 2 precincts in Bonhomme that are in the 89th; BON 007 and    BON 009.  We should do everything we can to support his candidacy.  Al can use canvassers, callers, and financial support.  He can be reached at or by phone at (314) 623-5713.


We will meet at the Kirkwood Community Center 111 S. Geyer Rd. on Thursday October 8 at 7:00 p.m.  At this meeting we will review the accomplishments of the club this year and have an open discussion on the direction we should take to grow the club and the Democratic base in Bonhomme.  We will also discuss the upcoming elections and what role we should play in them as a club and as individuals. 


The BTDC will have a booth at the Greentree Festival in Kirkwood park on the weekend of September 18 thru 20.  We will have a tent in a great location at the festival and a float in the parade.  We are looking for volunteers to be at the booth (this is actually a lot of fun watching and talking with all the people) and participants in the parade.

The booth will need to be manned during the entire festival.  The parade is Saturday morning, 9/19 assembling at Kirkwood High at 8:30 with kickoff at 10 a.m. to walk 2 miles on the parade route. 

The Theme of the parade is “CIRCUS” and our entry is “DEMOCRATS” – THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH”.  We will remind people with signs of the DEMS great accomplishments such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights, Women’s Right, and many other progressive ideas that are now an accepted part of our success as a country.  We will also need walkers for the BTDC banner as well as supporters walking for Bill Otto, US 2nd District Congressional Candidate and Deb Lavender, 90th District State Representative.  

For information on the booth contact Kayla Vaughan at

For the parade contact Jean Loemker at


It has been just over one year since the events in Ferguson put St. Louis in the national spotlight.  But it was 7 and one half years ago that Kirkwood shared the same notoriety due to the fatal shootings at our city hall.

Many of our citizens are not aware of the many people who came together after that tragic event and started working to heal the divisions in this community. 

Our September meeting will feature speakers from one such group, Kirkwood Neighbors United.  The mission of the Kirkwood Neighbors United is “to create a collaborative environment, which promotes and participates in initiatives that further a more inclusive and welcoming community, and celebrates the value of our diversity.”  Its’ members include individuals of the Meacham Park Neighborhood Association, the Kirkwood Human Rights Commission, Community for Understanding and Hope, and various other individuals including B.T.D.C. President Dennis Roach.

Please attend our meeting and learn about KNU efforts to address the inequalities that exist in our community to make this a better place for all of us to live.  We will meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Kirkwood Community Center on Thursday, September 10.


Marc Powers, Director of Communications and Policy for the Missouri House Democratic Caucus, will be the featured speaker at our meeting on July 9 at 7 p.m. at the Kirkwood Community Center.  Mr. Powers has a unique position that will allow him to both give a summary of the 2014-2015 session and answer questions about the issues that were before the legislators.

Mr. Powers has a wealth of knowledge concerning the direction the Democratic Party is taking in Missouri and is more than willing to share his knowledge.


On February 10th I attended an amazing meeting at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. It was entitled “Mother 2 Mother”. The Mother 2 Mother program was developed by African American women following the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9, 2014. The Mother 2 Mother program is designed to inform a mostly white audience about “the talk” they must have with their sons because of the racism that exists in our society.

The meeting was well attended with over 100 people in the audience. The women spoke from their hearts “mother to mother” about the fears, frustrations, and contradictions they face in raising strong and proud sons.

They spoke of how like all conscientious mothers, they try hard to teach their sons to be confident and proud of who they are; to be someone who requires respect while also respecting others. They teach their sons to do this in all circumstances; all except when dealing with the police.

Unlike whites these mothers feel they must teach their sons they can expect to be stopped by the police for “driving while black” or even “walking while black”. When this happens, and it has to all their sons, the mothers urge their sons to do whatever they are told to do, no matter how humiliating. The mothers stressed the goal is to get home alive and safe.

The discussion that followed emphasized that change is needed so these talks will no longer be necessary.  Progressive people, like us, need to be driving that change. When we do nothing we become a part of the system that is perpetuating this disgusting reality.

Be a part of the change! Let us as Democrats take the lead combating the things that divide us and strengthening the bonds that tie us together as people.

Let’s discuss the actions we need to take.                                     Dennis Roach



The Federation of Democratic Women and the Democratic National Committee support the residents of Washington DC in their efforts to obtain the same rights of citizenship we enjoy.   Let Senator McCaskill know you support them as well.  Click the following link to learn more about this issue and send the scanned postcard to Senator McCaskill.   Please let me know ( when you send it.  The FDW would like to keep track of the number of cards sent.  Thank you for being a part of this important move towards democracy in DC. 

Dennis Roach: President, Bonhomme Township Democratic Club

DC Citizenship001


This is a very interesting letter to Scott Walker form a Wisconsin Teacher of the Year!

Cinco de Mayo Party!


Come to the Bonhomme Township Democratic Club Cinco de Mayo celebration at Dulany’s Grill & Bar on Saturday May 2 from 4 till 8 p.m.  We will have free Salsa dancing lessons, great dance music from a Latin DJ, and a chance to eat, drink and have a great time with other Democrats.  For more information click on the following link and also go to our MEETINGS AND EVENTS page.  !See you there Amigos!


There is a new and exciting group that has formed to help in the growth of the membership of the  Democratic Township clubs and provide a way for us to stay active between elections.  It is the “Gateway Democrats”.  The group has an event planned for April 19th that will feature U.S. Representative Lacy Clay, Kristin Self; ‎Director of Campaigns at Missouri Democratic Party, Professor David Robertson of UMSL, andProfessor Todd Swanstrom of UMSL.  Many Democratic Clubs, including ours, will have tables set up to allow people to connect with their clubs. Please read the flyer for more information.  We hope to see you there.  Come by our table!

More information click this link: Gateway Democrats – We Are All In This Together – April 19th Event Version 06


“The Second Amendment and what it means in the 21st Century”

David Thomas Konig, Professor of History and Law, Washington University in St. Louis will speak on the history and application of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Why was this so important that it was the second of the original 10 Amendments the writers of the Constitution passed? What does it actually say? What applications do different political parties argue it should have today? Why is it such a divisive issue in modern American politics? We will discuss these questions and more in our February meeting. 

The meeting will be at the Kirkwood Public Library at 7 p.m. on Thursday February 26.


Click the following link to access a podcast of Bonhomme Township Democratic Committeeman Dennis Roach speaking at the Ethical Society of St. Louis on this topic on May 18, 2014:


Ferguson Township Democratic Committeewoman Patricia Bynes spoke eloquently and forcefully at our October meeting about her experiences and views surrounding the events leading up to and following the shooting of Michael Brown.   Ms. Bynes has been interviewed by National and International news sources. 

In our September meeting Kirkwood Police Chief Jack Plummer discussed his history with the KPD and his views on the training Kirkwood Police officers go through concerning community relations and outreach to the African American Community.

Both meetings were well attended and we gained valuable information on the philosophy and workings of the KPD and the reasons for the demonstrations and need for reform.

We feel it is important to hear from the citizens that are affected by the officers we empower to provide for our protection. It was a good discussion which needs to continue;  all citizens should feel protected by the police and the police force should be respected by the citizens.


On Saturday September 6 we had a fund raiser at Brian and Judy Nedwick’s home for 90th district State Representative candidate Deb Lavender.  It was a very successful event.  Go to the PHOTOS page for a view of the event.


We had a very interesting and informative September Meeting. Ryan Barker, Vice President for Health Policy, Missouri Foundation for Health explained the reason for and ways to sign up for insurance coverage under the recently passed Affordable Care Act. It was attended by over 40 interested people.