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The Jefferson Township Democratic club invited our club to walk with them in the Webster Community Days July 4th parade this year.  We did, as did State Representatives Deb Lavender and Sarah Unsicker and former State Representative Jeanne Kirkton.  Also walking with us was Forward Together in Action and the Edgar Road Progressive Parents.

We had a great time.  There was a very strong showing of Democratic support.  The crowd responded with applause and cheers when they spotted Deb and Sarah.

Our clubs plan to have more joint events to help magnify our presence in the community.  Here are some pictures from the parade.


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On May 9th close to 300 people attended a Town-Hall forum for 2nd District Representative Ann Wagner at the Des Peres Lodge.


She has failed to hold a Town-Hall in the 5 years she has been in office.  Her constituents felt it important enough that they arranged the event for her.  It was a very diverse crowd.  There were young, old, black, white, chicano, asian, male, female, working class, businesspeople, adults and children.  To the surprise of everyone who attended Ann’s response was:  “This is a bogus town hall put on by radical leftists.”

Most of the attendees were surprised to learn their representative considers constituents willing to attend a town-hall as “radical leftists.”   Apparently she is so deeply controlled by her large donors she has lost an understanding her basic role in a democracy and what are her responsibility to her district.

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber stated, “It’s one thing to hide from your constituents, it’s another to outright insult them. Missouri’s Republican officeholders need to stop running scared and answer for Trumpcare and why they think it’s a good idea to threaten the health and economic security for families throughout our entire state.”

Good going Ann.  You continue to show you are a great example of a lack of representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.


The combined Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur, and Bonhomme Democratic Clubs sponsored an event on April 13 that drew over 70 people to a panel discussion concerning the attack on the free press by the Republican party. 

The panel participants were Charles Jaco, former reporter/war correspondent for CNN & FOX2News, Larry Levin, Publisher and CEO of the St. Louis Jewish Light, Chris King, Managing Editor of the St. Louis American, and Terry Jones, Founders’ Professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Following presentations by the panelist there was a rather indepth and informative question and answer period.  A summary of the presentations and Q&A are:

  • All totalitarian regimes attack the truthfulness of the press first.
  • The use and misuse of social media has lowered the journalistic standards that had defined our press at one time.
  • There is evidence that foreign powers are using this lowering of standards to escalate the spread of false information that weaken our democracy.
  • Racism and misogyny is being used purposefully and effectively to increase the polarization that exists in our country.  That polarization works in favor of the party that currently controls the government.

What we can do about this:

  • Focus on local issues and elections.
  • Understand that we can use the Tea Party playbook and consistently focus on the same issue/message.  But we must not loss sight that we are diverse.  We need to let our diversity be our strength.
  • Be involved in whatever way we are comfortable.  The best way to contact an elected official is a personal visit.  The next is a phone call.  The local office is better than the national office.
  • Demonstrate, speak out, discuss, stay involved.  We lose when we give up the momentum to the other side.
  • Help build the local Democratic Party organizations like our Democratic clubs.  We need to also build the social advocacy groups.  Indivisible and Mobilize Missouri were mentioned. This is a very effective way of offsetting the destructive influence of the right wing.
  • Talk with those we disagree.  Do this in order to gain a deeper understanding of why they think the way they do.  Use the Socratic method to allow them to come to the same conclusion you have.

I was a great event.  Thanks to all that attended.  The panelist and those who asked questions brought out a deeper understanding of what the problem is and how we can be a part of the solution. 

Here are some pictures from the event!

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Thanks to all who came to the fundraiser we sponsored for the Sierra Club at PJ’s Tavern in Kirkwood on Tuesday February 21.  It was a great success!  There were so many that came we not only filled the room we had reserved but had to move out into the restaurant itself.

John Hickey, Executive Director, Sierra Club Missouri Chapter spoke of the priorities and initiatives the Sierra Club is taking to protect our environment.  PJ’s Tavern agreed to donate a portion of the evenings take to the Sierra Club. 

We had a fabulous time!

We are planning another fundraiser for another organization in April.  Details to come.

Here are a few photos from the event.

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On March 19 the Carpenters Hall on Hampton Ave. was packed with advocacy groups and attendees for an event that encouraged people to network and build a larger Democratic community.  The event was titled “What Can I Do Now?  Networking for a Better Future”.

Jessica Post, the Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, flew in from Washington D.C. to be the keynote speaker.  She spoke of the importance of working to bring about redistricting to break up the divisions that exist in the electorate.   The way the districts have been gerrymandered the elections do not really represent the citizens of the area but rather divide the electorate along party lines.  She encouraged those in attendance to use the voter referendum initiative to create a non-partisan commission to draw the district boundary lines in a way that represents the citizens, not the party.

Over 375 people attended.  There were over 30 advocacy groups. The groups gave a short presentation on their mission and networked with those who attended.

Club President Dennis Roach is one of the two co-chairs of the Gateway Democrats.  He, along with Harvey Ferdman, President of the Maryland Heights Township Club, MC’d the event.

Dennis explained the purpose of the Democratic club was to work to elect good people to political office.  He went on to state “The advocacy groups that are present work on specific issues.  Their focus is developing the strategies and tactics to achieve goals for an issue.  Both are an important part of our democracy.  To make a difference we need strong Democratic Party organizations and strong advocacy groups.  We encourage you to be a part of both. Townships/Wards/Central Committees to elect the right people.  Advocacy Groups to achieve goals for specific issues.  It is a winning combination.”  

Here are a few pictures from the event:

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There was overflow attendance at the January 12, 2017 Bonhomme Township Democratic Club meeting at the Kirkwood Community Center.  All the chairs were used, many people stood in the back, and others stood in the hall.  We estimate over 150 attended.

After the November election State Representative Deb Lavender was receiving calls from constituents asking her “what can I do?”. She decided to have a strategy session following her scheduled Town-Hall meeting on December 10 at the Kirkwood Library.  She thought that about 25 would attend.  There was an overflow crowd of about 200.

At that session people were asked list social action organizations they support.

Because of the interest, we changed the purpose of our meeting.  We did not have a regular business meeting with a speaker.  We invited 7 of the organizations that were listed from the December 10 strategy session to staff tables with information on their organizations. 

Club President Dennis Roach gave a short presentation describing changes in the club meetings for 2017. (see next article)  Representative Lavender then introduced the organizations and encouraged people to go to the tables, get to know the mission of the organizations, and consider actively supporting them and their mission.

The organizations that came were:

  • Sierra Club
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
  • Council on American-Islam Relations
  • National Council of Jewish Women
  • West County Community Activist Network
  • League of Women Voters

The meeting was a great success.  Many people visited the tables, signed up for work and information, and networked with each other.  We may continue to invite organizations to our meetings. We want to develop a network of good people who want to build a community, rather than allow the other side to destroy our democracy.

This meeting was mentioned on the front page of the January  20 Webster Kirkwood Times.  Here is a link to the article: http://www.timesnewspapers.com/Articles-Features-c-2017-01-19-200193.114137-sub-Women-To-March-In-St-Louis-and-At-Nations-Capital.html

Thanks to all who attended.  We know you are not part of the problem, but you are a valuable part of the solution.


The Bonhomme Township Democratic Club has decided our theme for this year is “Building a Community”.

We will alternate between regular and social meetings. 

For our social meeting we will partner with a restaurant or bar to hold a fundraiser for an organization we support.  The organization will agree to contact their membership about the event.  We will contact our membership about the event.  The restaurant or bar will give a percentage of the take from the people identifying with the event to the sponsored organization.

The social allows us to expand our contact base (and membership) by providing a social event that will attract Democrats, leaning Democrats, and independents in a relaxed and friendly setting.

We will make connections with people who support the sponsored organization.  We get contacts, the organization gets financial support and contacts, and the business gets business.

Our first social event is Tuesday February 21 at PJs in Kirkwood from 4-8 p.m.  We are sponsoring the event for the Sierra Club.  The organization for the next event in April will be different.  Below is a leaflet with information on the event but if you are on our contact list we will send it to you electronically.

The regular meetings are still very important.  The regular meeting provides the structure to perform club business as well as provide speakers for more in-depth information on issues. 

We need to get more people involved in the club and other activities to build an effective community.  We want the club to be an asset to the individuals that are running for office for our party as well as a tool to identify candidates for those offices.

We are at a critical time in our history.  I know that is said often, but this time it is very real.  We need to build a strong community and you are a valuable part of it.


So please join or renew your membership, come to the events and meetings and be involved.  

Or next event is the fundraiser for the Sierra Club at PJs Feb. 21 form 4 to 8 p.m.

Our next regular meeting will be at this facility on March 10 at 7 p.m.

We can win when we work together.  Let’s get busy!


Candidate for Stat Rep of the 90th District Deb Lavender

In an election where the Republicans had major victories in our state Democrat Deb Lavender handily defeated her opponent to once again be the State Representative for the district 90.  She garnered 55.6% of the votes. The residents of the district 90 made it clear they appreciate the hard work and clear headed thinking she is known for.  We are proud to have a legislator like Deb representing our area.

Deb’s values are our values.  She stands for:

Business Owner Committed to Your Values

Deb is a local businesswoman and owner of Des Peres Physical Therapy. While treating her patients, she has encountered many problems with our current healthcare insurance system. She knows that patients are coping with ever increasing out-of-pocket co-pays and unpredictable denial of services. To make the task of paperwork less tedious, Deb serves seniors by directly assisting them with their burdensome Medicare forms. Deb continues to study best practices for correcting our broken healthcare system.

Rewarding Job Creation

Deb is a PRO-GROWTH business owner. She wants to preserve jobs in Missouri and create incentives that bring more employees and employers to our state. Deb will work for tax credits for businesses that create jobs here in Missouri but end tax credits for businesses that ship our jobs out of state or overseas.

There is room for more innovation in job creation here in Missouri. Deb wants to help Missouri build “green collar” jobs that can not be outsourced to other countries. Deb is eager to support further study on the use of algae for bio-fuels and will support an effort to make all new state government buildings LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) certified.

Deb supports the creation of high-tech opportunities that will bring St. Louis County life science jobs and make us a global leader in medical research. She supports stem cell research in Missouri which can lead to life-saving cures and treatments for spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and macular degeneration. Progress made here in Missouri will mean progress made for the country and the world. Deb’s quest is the winning combination of high-tech jobs, life-saving cures, and global impact!

Reducing the Size of Government

Missouri has 163 state representatives–more than 46 other states in the nation. Deb will introduce legislation to decrease the size of the State House by 25%. This will save Missourians millions of dollars in salaries, overhead and pensions!

Fiscal Responsibility

For more than a decade, Deb has been a small business owner. She knows firsthand the issues business owners face in today’s economic environment: business taxes, ever-increasing health care costs, and the inequity of taxation and loopholes for large corporations. She has created jobs and employs people from our district.

She knows that our government needs to manage its budget carefully just as families do with their household budget. Deb supports requiring an annual Budget Accountability Report Card so we know how our tax dollars are spent.

Deb joined the Kirkwood Area Chamber of Commerce in 2004 to participate with active business advocates who are committed to our community. As a State Representative, Deb will work to improve small business policies in Missouri.

Ensuring Affordable Health Care

Health care is the major source of employment and a driving factor of our local economy. Deb provides care, employs workers, purchases medical equipment, keeps medical records and understands the dynamics of the health care industry. She knows that patients are coping with increasing out-of-pocket co-pays and unpredictable denial of services. Deb continues to study best practices for correcting our healthcare system.

Deb believes that she and other small business owners should have access to an insurance exchange to purchase health insurance for their employees at a group rate. She believes that Missouri should have a process to review and curb excessive health insurance premium increases. Deb will work for these insurance reforms.

Preserving the Environment

For over 30 years, Deb has done her part locally to recycle, reuse, and save our natural resources. Now she wants to help Missouri build “green collar” jobs that can not be outsourced to other countries.

Deb is committed to innovative approaches such as Property Assesses Clean Energy (PACE), which helps lower utility bills for families and decreases their carbon footprint. Deb is eager to support further study on the use of algae for bio-fuels and will support an effort to make all new state government buildings LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified.

Protecting Seniors

Deb has made a commitment to protect our seniors from being taxed out of their homes. She will help extend Missouri’s Senior Prescription Program, and seek tougher penalties on nursing homes that provide sub-standard care or neglect their patients.

Verifying Citizenship of Immigrant Workers

Deb knows that we need to preserve our work force and our support business owners with fair laws. She supports the E-verify system that requires businesses with state contracts to ensure that their workers are American citizens.

Expanding Early Childhood Learning

Our legislature has chipped away at early learning programs essential to putting our children on the path to success. The number of prisons a state needs is predicted by the number of fifth graders who can not read. The more a child knows when they enter kindergarten, the more likely they will read by the time they are in fifth grade. Expanding early childhood is critical for our state.

Raising Ethical Standards for Campaigns and Elected Officials

Deb will fight for tougher ethical standards for elected officials. She knows that taking unlimited gifts from lobbyists and having unlimited campaign contributions is wrong. Deb is passionate that being a legislator demands public trust, and that requires being held to a higher ethical standard.

Protecting and Preserving Veterans’ Benefits

Deb honors the men and woman who fight to protect our freedom. She welcomes retired military to the state of Missouri where they are automatically eligible for state benefits. Deb will be passionately vocal in urging full health care insurance coverage for our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, especially those suffering from head injuries and post traumatic stress disorder.

Women’s Rights

In the face of recent legislative bills and national rhetoric regarding women’s rights, Deb will be a voice of reason standing firm to protect the gains women have made over the last century. 

Deb believes women have the right to make health care decisions with their God, their family and their physician.

Voter Rights

Deb believes all eligible voters should be encouraged to participate in our democracy. She will rely on facts and not succumb to misleading rhetoric that is creating the myth of widespread voter fraud.

There are no cases of voter impersonation fraud in Missouri.

The Missouri Court ruled in 2006 that it is unconstitutional to require a photo ID to vote. A recent Missouri Court ruling said the language on the proposed amendment to alter Missouri’s Constitution used language that would deceive voters.

Deb will oppose any legislation to restrict voting rights. She will work to assure that voter registration is efficient and that our voter rolls are accurate.



Congratulations to Sarah Unsicker for winning her race for the 91st district!  Sarah received 56.4% of the vote.

She retained the seat for a Democrat that  was held by Democrat Jeanne Kirkton.  Kirkton did not seek re-election to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2016 because she was term-limited.  We appreciate the tremendous job you did Jeanne and are looking forward to working with Sarah.

Sarah has campaigned on the following issues.


  • Fully funding the foundation formula so that administrators can effectively manage the school district’s budget.
  • Expecting our children to learn at rates that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Not burdening our children and their teachers with inefficient testing.
  • Early intervention when problems are detected instead of waiting for children to fail. 


  • Making sure low-income workers can pay their medical bills
  • Increasing access to mental health care
  • Focusing on preventative care
  • Taking the government out of personal healthcare decisions

Campaign finance limits

  • Limits on lobbyist gifts
  • Limiting legislators’ conflicts of interest

Admendment 2

  • Encouraging citizens to secure their guns to keep them out of the hands of children and criminals.
  • Closing the Gun Show Loophole to require background checks for people buying at gun shows.
  • Requiring training and a license for anyone who chooses to carry a gun in public.
  • I support our law enforcement officers.  I have been heartbroken this year over the senseless killings of police officers, especially Officer Sny

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